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If your employer tries to enforce a noncompete agreement after it has expired or has breached the terms of your executive or employment contract, then your statutory and Constitutional rights may have been violated. Disputes regarding executive breach of contract include a wide range of issues, from non-compete clauses to wrongful termination or withholding of severance pay and commissions. Contact the employment law attorneys at Smith Mullin to protect your career and financial livelihood.

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Has your employer violated your employment contract?

Employment and executive contracts are legally binding documents that establish a written agreement between you and your employer. A breach can occur whenever either party fails to perform their duties under the contract terms. An employer may have breached an employment contract if they have denied wages, travel expenses or negotiated severance or if they changed the terms of a prior agreement without your approval (for example a change in hours or removal of a company car).

If an employer breaches an employment contract, the employee can sue for damages. While arbitration is often preferred over litigation to resolve complaints, it is often a secret negotiation that is not in the best interests of the employee.

What is not a breach of contract?

An employer may extend a certain amount of vacation time yet reserves the right to limit when a vacation can be taken. An employer may have the right to relocate your job and not pay you if you refuse. You may have come to expect a bonus, but unless there is a written agreement, an employer is not obligated to give pay increases or bonuses.

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What can I do if my employer is in breach of contract?

If you think your employer is in breach of your contract, ask an attorney to review the actual agreement. A legal review will reveal clauses, terms and other provisions to determine whether you have a claim.

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