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Neil Mullin Speaks on Mueller’s Testimony to NY Times

To the Editor:

Robert Mueller’s fundamental job as a prosecutor is to enforce the law, not to opine as a neutral oracle. In his testimony before Congress, he failed at that mission. He conceded during his testimony that Justice Department internal policy prohibits indictment of a sitting president and justified his inaction on that basis.

He should have condemned that baseless policy.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there a phrase or provision prohibiting indictment of the president. If the president murders or arbitrarily jails political enemies, is he beyond indictment? If he, without authorization of Congress, uses nuclear weapons to obliterate foreign countries, is he above indictment?

This was a time for a prosecutor to courageously and articulately demand the rule of law. Dignified and square-jawed, he failed us.

Neil Mullin

This opinion may be found on the NY Times website here.